Men are from Mars..Women are from Venus. Couldnt agree less.

A peep into people’s relationship has compelled me to ask one question- why is everything so complicated? And the search for an answer to this question has brought me to the most cliched conclusion- that men are from mars and women are from venus..

As a growing teenager i never believed in this overly used statement. I was, say, too positive about relationships.. living in my dreamworld and thinking that two humans who choose to live together cannot have different takes on life. But as i grew up and surpassed those teenage years and embraced youth, i realized that reality is totally different.

My realization grew even stronger after i got married. Yes i do believe that me and my husband are from different planets. It is rightly said that in a marriage, the woman craves for expression of love and attention and the man craves for space and understanding. I couldnt agree less. To make a relationship work, both have to compromise and adjust to these expectations.

After a year of marriage, i was making a fuss about how things have changed post marriage. How the romance has flown out of the window and how my husband has taken the relationship for granted.

After a lot of soul searching and analysis of people around me i realized that this is how it is for men. When they know that they have a woman for lifetime, they go into a laidback approach. It is not that they dont care for us or that they dont love us.. but they find it extremely useless to use words for expressing their love. They believe in understanding their actions to understand their love. And that is what i tried doing. And then i started believing that yes my husband does love me.

So its useless to seek what you want in men because they can never function as women. But its important to digest the fact that both of you are different with different expectations but one thing is common, you both revolve around the sun (read love).